2023: “Look inwards before you Judge Tinubu” – Tunde Bakare

The Lead Pastor of Dominion Hall Citadel Global, Tunde Bakare, has asked those scheming against the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to stop doing so.

The pastor, whose church was formerly called the Latter Rain Assembly believes such people are demonising and scheming against Tinubu because of his past. Like Tinubu, Bakare is known to be interested in the future leadership of Nigeria.

In a recent sermon, he tackled issues that many exploit to criticise Tinubu, including the claim that he eats billions from taxation in Lagos. According to Bakare, the APC could not have won the 2015 and 2019 election without Tinubu.

He added that no other person had achieved for the South-West what Tinubu had, especially what he did between 1999 and 2007. He told those he called Tinubu’s traducers to eat their humble pie and work with him.

Making references to some instances in the Bible, the pastor also noted that fighting Tinubu because of his alleged Iragbiji ancestry was mundane. In a video bearing the sermon, Bakare said: “Accept your humble pie. Eat it. When you were sleeping, Asiwaju was working day and night. He secured Lagos. He secured Ogun. He secured Osun. He secured Ondo. He secured Edo, and you say he is nobody. You are ode (a fool). You think he laboured that much to say, ‘Çome and take.’ No, he is not a fool.”

“Stop all this nonsense about ancestry. You will kill your heroes and those who can deliver you and nothing will happen. All of these sakabula leaders, they don’t have machine guns. By sakabula, I mean dane guns. I am not a friend of anybody. Ojo o b’enikan sota, eni eji ri leji pa. (I am like the rain that has no enemy, thus drenching whoever it encounters.)”.

Bakare noted that some Yoruba elders were plotting some alternative political re-engineering which, he argued, would not work without Tinubu. According to him, the former Governor of Lagos State’s structure will swallow such because he had worked ahead.

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