JUST IN: My husband deserves to be immortalised - Adedibu’s wife

Abosede Adedibu, wife of Lamidi Adedibu, the late political godfather in Oyo state, says her husband deserves to be immortalised.

Abosede said this on Tuesday when she featured in an interview on Space FM 90.1 in Ibadan, the state capital.

She said her husband dedicated his life to the service of Oyo people and that he is deserving of recognition.

Describing herself as Seyi Makinde’s godmother, Abosede said she will see to it that the state governor names an estate after her husband.

“I am proud to be seen as the godmother of the Governor of Oyo State. Yes, awa ni iyaa governor,” Abosede said.

“I am working on how the governor will immortalise Baba. I will say it here and always that Baba did his best for the state while alive.

“I do not see why he should not be immortalised. An estate or something more than that should be named after him.”

She said contrary to public opinion, her husband was a good man who detested cheating.

“You see, for example, most of the time, people would just go and hang a sign post on their landed property, saying: ‘This land belongs to Baba Adedibu,’ my late husband,” she said.

“They were only doing this to protect their property.

“They knew nobody would dare deprive them of their hard-earned property by doing this.

 “Some of the times, Baba would even assist such people to complete the house.

“Baba was a good man. He hated cheating. It is just that people do not show appreciation for good deeds in our society.

“They like going about peddling rumours about Baba.”

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