Alleged Fraud: NDDC denies collecting kickback from contractors

The Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has denied a claim that it collected 30 percent kickback from contractors.

The President of Contractors Association, Mr Joe Adia, had in his submission told the Senate Committee investigating the NDDC that the commission only paid contractors who agreed to pay 20-30 percent as kickback.

But a top NDDC official denied the allegation, saying: “The allegation Mr Joe Adia is false, he is not even the President of NDDC Contractors Association as he tried to claim. There are about five different contractors association and he is not their leader.”

“You see, all these allegations are coming up again because the outcome of the National Assembly probe has not led to the intended plans of those who want to rubbish the IMC and have it removed, they are now raking up mud.

“Some of the lawmakers and those supporting their game plan want the IMC dissolved, but their plan is not working out, that is why they have embarked on this leg of their smear campaign,” he added.

The official stated: “How can they be talking about Senate report after the Ag. MD had earlier dispelled the wicked allegation when he appeared before the Senate Adhoc Committee in July.

“Adia raised the matter and Pondei told the Senate that if he could be associated with even one per cent kickback, he would resign.

“From where are they bringing up the matter again, why the Senate is choosing to spread lies in the guise of allegation by a bogus contractor?

“Have they traced any kickback, even one per cent paid by any contractor to NDDC MD, why are they then believing and helping to spread the lie that he is involved in contract splitting and kickbacks of 20-30 per cent?

“Professor Pondei told the Senate Committee that he would resign his appointment immediately if anyone showed any evidence that he collected even one per cent from any contractor, let the committee and the contractor show proof instead of maligning him,” he stated.

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