BREAKING: Ibrahim Magu suspended as EFCC Boss

President Muhammadu Buhari has suspended Ibrahim Magu as the Acting Chairman of the EFCC.

An undisclosed source confirmed it to the BBC on Tuesday.

Magu appeared before the Presidential Committee on Monday to investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

The committee - chaired by former Justice Ayo Salami - invited Mr Magu to hear from him on issues related to his leadership at the EFCC.

Some sources in Nigeria have confirmed that Magu has spent the night in custody by security forces because investigations were not completed Monday.

Ibrahim Magu was arrested by DSS security forces in the country on Monday.

A statement issued by DSS and the EFCC, however, said Mr Magu was not arrested.

The EFCC said it had only responded to the invitation of the security forces, as stated on its Twitter account.

DSS spokesman Peter Afunanya said: "The DSS wants to tell the community that it has not arrested Ibrahim Magu, acting EFCC president, as some media reports have reported."

Mr Magu has not been seen since this time.

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