Coronavirus: Many opportunities to look into amidst pandemic

By Aisha Jimoh

Except for Cross River and Kogi States, Nigeria has so far recorded over 5000 cases of Coronavirus across the nation.  A breakdown of all the confirmed cases shows that 5,445 infections have been reported since the index case in February. Of that number, 3,955 cases are still active, 1,320 have recovered and have been discharged, and 171 deaths have been reported.

Lagos remains the epicentre with 2, 278 cases, followed by Kano – 761, FCT – 386, Katsina – 239, Bauchi – 210, Borno – 204, Jigawa – 191, Ogun – 145, Kaduna – 130, Gombe – 124, Sokoto – 112, Edo – 93, Zamfara – 73, Oyo – 76, Kwara – 58, Osun – 42, Rivers – 33, Yobe – 32, Kebbi – 31, Nasarawa – 29, Plateau – 25, Delta – 25, Adamawa – 21, Ondo – 19, Taraba – 17, Akwa Ibom – 17, Ekiti – 15, Enugu – 12, Niger – 14, Ebonyi – 9, Imo – 7, Bayelsa – 6, Benue – 4, Anambra – 2 and Abia - cases. 

No country in the world saw the Coronavirus pandemic coming - but today, all countries across the globe are battling with the unpleasant ailments, affecting young and old including top government officials. The country had long forbids gathering of large crowds to avoid the spread of the deadly disease and also placed travel ban on high-risk Covid-19 countries. 

Aside from shutting its international airports, the federal government also ordered the immediate closure of all the country's borders before President Muhammadu Buhari later ordered the total lockdown of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states on March 30 at a period when the country had recorded only 140 active confirmed cases and two deaths. 

Unfortunately, as the world continues to battle the COVID-19, there are predictions that the globe is not going to remain the same after the pandemic, in terms of economic stability. While no one knows tomorrow, it is unarguable that businesses are crashing already in our dear country, Nigeria. 

While some organisations are downsizing, many are slashing salaries which is fast increasing the poverty rate of the nation despite being the world capital country. 

As the pandemic bites harder, online activities are booming with social media users now spending more time on the internet lately in Nigeria, than anywhere else. Even academic activities have taken a new look and we now have virtual learning. 

Obviously, the internet is currently the busiest place in the world. Hence, it gives the opportunity for online businesses where people have access to more customers and a wider reach than regular businesses. With internet connection, transaction are perfected between two or more countries.

To further strengthen the need to prioritise online businesses, the piece looks into some lucrative and fast-rising online businesses during this pandemic, especially in Nigeria.


Freelancing is an online business a lot of people are waking up to in Nigeria. There are so many skills that can earn one a freelancing job, some of which include; video editing, programing, writing, graphics designing, typing amongst others. Freelancing is also a great opportunity for students who need part-time jobs. They can focus on it during leisure as it doesn't demand a lot of time, and can easily make money with their skills alongside studying.


Anyone conversant with social media would have come across the word influencer. A lot of people spend their time in social media; from Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn, and other platforms. Good marketing on social media helps businesses increase their sales by over double, based on research. People who involve in social media marketing are therefore referred to as social media influencers. Mostly, all it requires is a large audience (followers) and building one's personal brand on the social media platform where one is influencing.


In the past few months of this pandemic, we can agree that so many people are organizing online classes, be it paid or cost free. Nevertheless, so many people are looking up to skills they can acquire online since they're deprived of going out to do so. As long as one has knowledge on a given subject, one can create a course on it and sell it online.  


In Nigeria today, creation of websites is on the rise as many organizations are making use of the internet. Companies create websites all the time and they need people to do that for them. All it takes to be a web designer is to have knowledge on programming and coding.


YouTube is the most used website on the internet after Google and it is all about video sharing. People go to YouTube everytime to watch documentaries, life hacks, music videos, fashion, lifestyle, tutorials and other things. One can start creating such videos and upload them on YouTube. All it takes is being camera-friendly and building audiences.


The recent posts of the popular artiste, Don Jazzy on his social media platforms on a bank is an illustration of online bank sales agency. It involves helping Banks to recruit new customers using the internet. Banks are ready to pay people to help them recruit new customers.

Other online businesses in Nigeria one can venture into include;

✓ Affiliate marketing
✓ Blogging
✓ Graphics designing
✓ Drop shipping
✓ Creation of digital goods among others.

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